A Deeper Calling

A Deeper Calling

About halfway through the writing of 12 Hours of Heaven I knew it was going to be so much more than just a book.

It didn’t start out that way when I finally began to write the story that had been in my head for almost 20 years.   

It started out small as most things that grow to extraordinary size do. I began to write in early April 2020 during quarantine when I suddenly “had the time”.  After reading some tips for first time writers I gave myself a goal of only 650 words per day.  As I became more comfortable with the process I bumped that goal to 1000 words per day which was attainable most days especially considering the fact that I never put too much pressure on myself and set a goal to finish writing within 6 months. 

This daily writing continued on for a couple of months until I started to become a lot more focused at the end of June.  It was no coincidence that the improved focus came after daily writing about things that touched my heart.  With each word that found its way onto the pages of the story, I was becoming more and more inspired myself. 

It was at this time that I began to have reoccurring dreams and visions of using the book for a greater purpose. I firmly believed that God Himself was telling me that the story needed to be used to help bring some good into His beautiful world.  It was my job to help inspire some hope to those who were struggling and strayed far too deep into the darkness.

As things in humanity were worsening I found my writing increase and improve. With each passing day this period of hyper focus increased exponentially. I found myself writing in excess of 2000 words in the span of a couple hours. The words were literally flowing from my fingertips as if God was dictating them into my heart and I was only a scribe.

It was amazing and scary all at the same time!  I felt closer than I have ever felt to God and connected to Him in a way that is difficult to describe.  It was incredible, deeply personal, and intimate. So intimate that I did not share this with anyone.  I only continued to write and do as I felt I was being instructed to do. I finished the book just a few weeks later in late July, coincidentally exactly one year after the passing of my father.

Once completed I felt an immediate urge to share the story of my writing experience with those close to me. First my wife/best friend, Tonya.  Then my mom and sisters. They all cried as I can only imagine they felt a small fraction of the connection I felt with God. 

In the past few weeks I have shared this story with those close to me and those who have impacted me in my life. Most of them have had a similar positive and affirming response.  I now convinced it’s time to share it with the world.  😊

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