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Be a Spark for Change!

I Spark Change empowers individuals to tap into their tremendous potential to make the global impact that they know lies dormant within them. Together we live by the Golden Rule in all that we do and lead by example with actions to better humanity.

With the increasing desire to change before it’s too late, many individuals get stuck in the “how-to” stage and never take action as they are paralyzed by the unknown. We have the road map for these lost and confused dream-seekers. As the I Spark Community grows, we will start on the path toward worldwide change through larger and more significant projects. Projects such as, helping yourself and your neighbor, supporting local charities, missionary work, assisting those in need due to immediate crisis, environmental endeavors, and animal support, to name just a few. Change begins with any tiny and positive action. There is no limit.

Whatever is important to our supporters is important to us.  We’d love to hear more about causes you are interested in supporting! 

We will foster this by creating the world’s first social media site 100% geared towards connecting those interested in positive change across the globe.  

The more comfortable we become with changing ourselves individually and showing up who we want to be, the more likely it will be for us to make a real transformative impact on a global scale. 

This has happened in history many times over and can happen again with the right spark for change.

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I SPARK CHANGE COMMUNITY These organizations are helping to change the world!

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Founding Members

I Spark Change would not be possible without the support of these individuals!

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Alvin M
Elizabeth Ornelas 2
Lisa Sisquel
Alexandra & Matt 2
Arjay V

Our Growing Community

Join these individuals by making a commitment to spread positive change!

  • Agnes Kaufman
  • Amy Prestwood
  • Andres Ornelas
  • Anita & Luis Holguin
  • Ano Duval
  • Beth Walker
  • Brandi Rice
  • Carla Webster
  • Charles Wood
  • Christy Futernick
  • Ciarra Ornelas
  • Cindy Lensing
  • Cory & Tanya Sumner
  • Deby Sherrick
  • Denese O’Pry
  • Erin Tweed
  • Georgette Olivares
  • Geraldine Smythe
  • Hailee Ornelas
  • Isaac Lopez
  • Jay Jezierski