How to have a Successful COVID-19 Quarantine Part 1-

How to have a Successful COVID-19 Quarantine Part 1-

What a crazy world we are currently living in.  People have to “Social Distance” by staying 6 ft apart at all times, toilet paper and hand sanitizer are more valuable than gold, and many of us have been asked to do our part to curtail the virus and “Shelter in Place” or “Self-Quarantine”.  I mean, who could have imagined we’d even have terms like this in our everyday vernacular. 

Regardless of how or what brought us to the current situation, it is the hand we have all been dealt.  How we play our cards is up to us. 

For many this time has become a period of laziness, poor eating, and binge watching Netflix™.  This is the card equivalent of folding on the river card after nearly going all in.

For others, it means they have to work from home when they have never done this before, and they are not quite sure how to do this.  This is the card equivalent of having 5, 6, 7 and hoping you will draw a straight.

Still others are attempting to continue on with the status quo and act as if there is nothing “really that bad’ going on.  This is the card equivalent of playing with a low pair and hoping you can bluff your way to a win.

I propose another way to play the hand.  Play as if you are the current 3 x champion of The World Series of Poker and you are sitting on a Royal Flush at the final table.   

You see, the way I see this whole situation is one of great OPPORTUNITY for a number of things-
To Help & Serve others
To Spend time with the ones we Love
To Give more
To Expand our relationship with God
To Learn new things
To Challenge ourselves
To Be Creative
To Focus
To Have time for Myself
To Be a Better Person
This may seem overly optimistic to some, but your situation is what you make of it.  Having the right mindset will get you started on the right path.  Remember, your mindset, controls your attitude and your attitude controls your actions, and your actions provide your reality.  Your have the keys to creating your own reality whether you realize it or not.  

I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you…we are in charge of our attitudes.” – Charles Swindoll

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